Richard Burchmore

Richard Burchmore

Senior Lecturer
University of Glasgow

Tel: +44 141 3308612





Network Investigator


Research Keywords: 

Leishmania; mass spectrometry; proteomics; metabolomics



I have 30 years research experience, during which I have focused primarily on the molecular basis of host:microbe interactions, particularly in the field of parasitology. I am interested in the role of surface proteins in virulence, drug resistance and in interactions with the host. 
I have developed immunoproteomic approaches to identify antigens from important human pathogens, including Schistosomes and Leishmania. I am also involved in a collaborative project to develop an attenuated vaccine to control Leishmaniasis is dogs and humans, that is currently undergoing advanced clinical trials in Iran. I have applied proteomic approaches to understand the mechanism of attenuation, and I am currently working on immunoproteomic approaches to understand the protective host immune response to this attenuated line.


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