Salem Almujri

Salem Almujri

DPhil Student

University of Oxford, UK

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Research Keywords: 

TB, MCH-I, Mass Spec



Salem Almujri obtained his PhD from the University of Oxford, conducting research on immunopeptidomics and immunoinformatics for tuberculosis vaccines under the supervision of Prof. Helen McShane and Dr. Nicola Ternette. He later became a lecturer at the College of Pharmacy and a principal investigator at a newly established vaccine unit in King Khalid University. Salem continues his research on antigen discovery in collaboration with the Jenner Institute, focusing on classical and non-classical MHC molecules. He is also collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture in Saudi Arabia to develop vaccines for Paratuberculosis and Brucellosis. Additionally, he is developing a subunit vaccine platform using protein nanoparticles, aiming to elicit a stronger immune response with broad application against various pathogens.