Shamima Lasker

Shamaima Lasker

Professor of Anatomy

Shaqhabuddin Medical College, Bangladesh







Network Investigator


Research Keywords: 

Myocardial disarray, Diabetes, Bioethics 



I, Shamima Parvin Lasker, PhD (USA), EMMB (Europe), MPH (USA), MPhil (BD), MSc (BD) am an Anatomist, Bioethicist and Journal Editor. Of my 30 years of teaching career, I have been working as Professor and Head of Anatomy since 2007 in Bangladesh. I have also been working as the Visiting Professor of Clinical Anatomy, Dentistry and Bioethics, AUSN, USA.  
I was the Consultant of bioethics for UNESCO in 2009, and FAO in 2015 respectively. I was the Vice president of Asian Bioethics Association for two consecutive terms from 2012-2014 and 20142016.  At the national level I have established Bangladesh Bioethics Society in 2009 and working for the society as Founding Chairman and General Secretary till to date. In recognition of my dedicated work and organizing ability to promote the cause of Bioethics in Bangladesh, I have been honored as “Honorary Lifetime Membership” of the UNESCO Asia Pacific School of Ethics in 2009. I am also the member of the National Ethics Committee of Bangladesh of BMRC for two consecutive terms (2015-2017 & 2017-2019). In Bangladesh, I have organized many national and international conference, seminar, workshop and innovative programme on bioethics.   


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Key Publications:

Shamima Parvin Lasker. Peer Review system: A Golden standard for publications process. Bangladesh Journal of Bioethics 2018; 9(1):13-23

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