Sheila Keating

Sheila Keating

Adjunct Associate Professor

GigaGen / University California San Francisco, USA

Tel: +1 415 749 6606 x499






Network Investigator


Research Keywords: 

HIV, diagnostics, biomarkers, pathologenesis



After university, my interest in infectious disease immunology began during a cross-Africa journey. On my return home to Boston, I realized I had brought back a souvenir of Plasmodium vivax.  This ignited my interest in public health and vaccine development; I was interested in understanding vaccine design and why it was difficult to build vaccines to some pathogens.   Over the past 15 years, my work has focused on understanding cellular and humoral immune responses to vaccines and infectious diseases and, more recently, I have focused on using high throughput immune assays to measure biomarkers of immune response or pathology in a number of studies ranging from HIV, HCV, HBV vaccine breakthrough, Chagas, West Nile Virus, cardiovascular disease, neuropathology and many other areas.  


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