Shuailin Li

Shuailin Li

Undergraduate Student

Tsinghua University, China / University of Oxford, UK







Network Affiliate


Research Keywords: 

TB, animal models



My research is trying to figure out the association between CMV infection and TB diseases (or M.tb infection).


Key Publications:

  • Regulation by competition: a   hidden layer of gene regulatory network,  Wei L, Li S et al, in Quantitative Biology
  • Characterizing microRNA-mediated modulation of gene expression noise and its effect on synthetic gene circuits, Wei L, Li S et al in bioRxiv
  • Regulation by competition: a hidden layer of gene regulatory network. L Wei, S Li, T Cheng, in Quantitative Biology
  • Synthetic promoter design in Escherichia coli based on a deep generative network, Wang H, Li S et al in Nucleic Acids Research