Suraj Bhattarai

Suraj Bhattarai

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Global health, public health, infectious diseases, interdisciplinary research, clinical research



I am a clinician researcher based in Nepal with active collaboration with global research groups. I am currently leading a research institute in Nepal (GLOHMED) which I co-founded with a vision to promote and implement global health and clinical research in Nepal. At present, my research focus is on childhood respiratory infections, point-of-care diagnostics, climate sensitive infectious diseases (dengue, scrub typhus, leishmaniasis), melioidosis burden (seroprevalence), epidemiology and treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis, and primary as well as urban health systems strengthening.

I have contributed to the national reports on the vulnerability and adaptation of climate sensitive diseases. I obtained medical training from Nepal and then went to the US and UK for my postgraduate medical and research training. I obtained higher education in Tropical Medicine (from LSHTM UK) and currently I am pursuing PhD in Global Health jointly from the LSHTM, UK and Nagasaki University School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Japan, with research focus on point-of-care diagnostics for respiratory infections.


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