Susanna Brighenti

Susanna Brighenti

Associate professor

Karolinska Institutet, Sweden






Network Associate

Research Keywords:
TB, humanized models, clinical trials


Research interest in clinical immunology including host-pathogen interactions and the development of immunopathology in tuberculosis (TB) infection and associated comorbidities such as TB/HIV co-infection or TB/diabetes type 2.


Key Publications:

  • Daily adjunctive therapy with vitamin D3 and phenylbutyrate supports clinical recovery from pulmonary tuberculosis: a randomized controlled trial in Ethiopia. Bekele A, Gebreselassie N, Ashenafi S, Kassa E, Aseffa G, Amogne W, Getachew M, Aseffa A, Worku A, Raqib R, Agerberth B, Hammar U, Bergman P, Aderaye G, Andersson J, Brighenti S. J Intern Med. 2018 Apr 25. PMID: 29696707 (IF: 7.98).
  • Safety and immunogenicity of the novel H4:IC31 tuberculosis vaccine candidate in BCG-vaccinated adults: Two phase I dose escalation trials. Norrby M, Vesikari T, Lindqvist L, Maeurer M, Ahmed R, Mahdavifar S, Bennett S, McClain JB, Shepherd BM, Li D, Hokey DA, Kromann I, Hoff ST, Andersen P, de Visser AW, Joosten SA, Ottenhoff THM, Andersson J, Brighenti S. Vaccine. 2017;35(12):1652-1661. PMID: 28216183 (IF: 3.3)
  • Phenylbutyrate induces LL-37-dependent autophagy and intracellular killing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in human macrophages. Rekha RS, Rao Muvva SS, Wan M, Raqib R, Bergman P, Brighenti S, Gudmundsson GH, Agerberth B. Autophagy. 2015;11(9):1688-99. PMID: 26218841 (IF: 11.8)


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