Suzzana Dickson Buabeng

Suzzana Buabeng

Immunology Master's Research Scientist

Stellenbosch University, South Africa







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Research Keywords:

TB, Animal Models, Diabetes, Immune Inflammatory Response, Biomarker Discovery, Bioimaging Analysis, Antimicrobial Resistance



My current research is in TB-diabetes comorbidity using a murine model. The comorbidity of these two inflammatory diseases is annihilating. I design well-gated flow cytometry panels for my work. I also the Cytek Aurora flow cytometry tool and Luminex to investigate the acute and chronic immune cell response to TB-diabetes murine model with the tendency to translate it to benefit humans. The project will help identify biomarkers via the immune response and will help promote a host-directed therapy. We are using an inhibitor of CAMK1 which has been found to increase insulin sensitivity in obese murine models.

My main research interests are TB, inflammatory diseases, host-directed therapeutics, trained innate immunity, biomarker discovery, and host-microbiome interactions. I would also like to expand my research in vaccine developments and policy-making in the ethics of scientific research.


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