Endalew Yizengaw

Endalew Yizengaw

Assistant Professor of Immunology

Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

Email: endalew02@gmail.com






Network Associate


Research Keywords:

Leishmania, Immunology, Clinical Trials



I graduated with a BSc degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences in 2009. I have been working as a laboratory technologist at the Amhara Regional Health Bureau for three years. I joined Bahir Dar University as a graduate assistant in May 2013. I got my MSc in Immunology from the University of Gondar in 2016. After my MSc, I pursued a PhD in biotechnology at Bahir Dar University, which I completed in July 2023. I have published more than 20 articles in peer reviewed journals.

I am a member and an Ethiopian ambassador of the International Immunological Society, The VALIDATE Network - Vaccine development for complex intracellular neglected pathogens, the British Society of Immunology, the Ethiopian Public Health Association, and the Ethiopian Medical Laboratory Association. I have participated in more than fifteen international and national scientific conferences. I have also co-organised an international scientific conference in 2020 "Immuno-Ethiopia 2020: Neglected Tropical Diseases and Malaria Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa, Bahir Dar University and Amhara Public Health Institute, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia". I have participated in more than 10 professional training sessions.

I am currently an assistant Professor at Bahir Dar University and my research projects focus on leishmaniases, which are neglected tropical diseases highly endemic in my country. I have gained significant experience in clinical research on different projects analysing the immune response in patients suffering from both cutaneous (CL) and visceral (VL) leishmaniases. I started my scientific career while studying for my MSc. where, I analysed the effector functions of neutrophils isolated from VL patients during active disease and after successful treatment. As part of an MRC research grant, I performed my PhD project on identifying parasites and host factors responsible for the different clinical presentations of CL. During my PhD, I contributed to the set-up of a new Leishmaniasis Treatment Centre (LTC) in a highly endemic area, Lay Gayint District, in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

I am eager to strengthen the established LTC, as well as continue doing clinical research on leishmaniasis to better understand the disease pathology: transmission dynamics, the role of host immune system and the parasite in the development of the disease. These can give a potential target for diagnosis, drug, and vaccine development.  


Key Publications: