Zaynab Mousavian

Zaynab Mousavian

Postdoctoral Researcher

Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Tel: 0769732055






Network Associate


Research Keywords:

Tuberculosis, Systems Biology and Bioinformatics



I obtained my Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from the University of Tehran, under the supervision of Dr. Ali Masoudi-Nejad in the Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Lab (LBB). Now I’m working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Medicine, Solna at Karolinska Institute in the laboratory of Dr. Christopher Sundling and Prof. Gunilla Källenius since August 2021. We are working on how Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (Mtb) affect the immune response during active and latent TB, to identify signatures associated with TB disease progression, using methods such as T cell FluoroSpot, Olink/plasma protein measurement, and mass cytometry.

During my PhD program, I have published several papers related to drug-resistance in cancer, drug-target networks, information theory in systems biology and cancer systems biology. Moreover, due to my background in computer science, I have good experience in algorithm design and programming, and I am really interested in developing computational methods and applications to analyse large scale multi-omics data for better understanding the underlying molecular mechanisms behind complex diseases. My research interest lies in the fields of bioinformatics, network and systems biology and also deep learning.


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Key Publications:

  • Zaynab Mousavian, Mehran Khodabandeh, Ali Sharifi-Zarchi, Alireza Nadafian and Alireza Mahmoudi. StrongestPath: a Cytoscape application for protein protein interaction analysis. BMC bioinformatics, 22(1), pages 1-14, 2021.
  • Zaynab Mousavian, Abbas Nowzari-Dalini, Ronald W. Stam, Yasir Rahmatallah, and Ali Masoudi-Nejad. Network-based expression analysis reveals key genes related to glucocorticoid resistance in infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Cellular oncology , 40(1), pages 1-13, 2016.
  • Zaynab Mousavian, Abbas Nowzari-Dalini, Yasir Rahmatallah, and Ali Masoudi-Nejad. Dif- ferential network analysis and protein-protein interaction study reveals active protein modules in glucocorticoid resistance for infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Molecular Medicine, 25(1), pages 25-36, 2019.