Vaccine Delivery Adventure - Test Version


  • Up, Down, Left Right - WSAD/Cursor keys
  • Jump - Space bar
  • Interact/Speak - Click "E" when it appears.


  • Your fellow healthcare workers will have important information that will help you pass the final quiz. Approach them and press "E"
    vda  important info
  • Vaccine fridges not only restart the temperature but are respawn points where you return if you are killed
  • Leaking fire hydrants can help with jumping

Vaccine Delivery Adventure is a classic side-scrolling action game where a healthcare worker has to overcome the challenges of delivering vaccines worldwide. As you deliver the vaccine in different locations you learn more and more about the BCG vaccine and the challenges of protecting communities against tuberculosis.

Data Collection

At the beginning of the game, we ask for the player to anonymously provide their age and country of origin along with a 3 letter nickname. This is so we can ensure that the games are reaching the right audience. We will not, and cannot, record individual personal/contact information in the game.


This is a test version of the game and we are hoping for feedback from both students and teachers and other adults.

You can complete the feedback forms below. There are two forms, one for students and other members of the public who will play the game and one for researchers and teachers who will use the game as a resource.