Weekly round-up #127

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Weekly Round-up #127

We are now officially in summer and this Weekly Round-up this week is rather light. We thought this might be a good opportunity to remind our Members of some of the resources VALIDATE has to offer:

  • Forming Collaborations: You can use our Members Directory and Collaborating Institutes pages to search for VALIDATE members with whom you may wish to collaborate.
  • New Members: If you know colleagues or friends who would be a good fit for the growing VALIDATE Community, direct them to the Benefits of Membership page and encourage them to join.
  • External Opportunities: We keep our Jobs, Funding, and Events pages up to date. 
  • Keep in touch: Follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn to keep to date with everything VALIDATE.

Online Summer Seminars

You can still register for our upcoming Summer Seminars which are taking place this Thursday and Wednesday


Remember, we keep our our funding page up-to-date.

  • TWAS-CSIR Postgraduate Fellowship Programme - These fellowships are for foreign scholars from developing countries who wish to pursue research toward a PhD in emerging areas of science and technology - deadline 31 July 2020


Training Opportunities and Events:

Our Training Opportunities and Events pages are updated regularly.

Job Opportunities:

Our jobs page is updated regularly.

    Our Publications Page has an up-to-date list of VALIDATE members' publications. Email validate@ndm.ox.ac.uk if you have recently published a paper so that we can include it.

    Highlights on Twitter this week

    We had a tweet from C M Santosh Kumar thanking us for awarding him a training grant.  IVVN were promoting their Second Virtual Congress on COVID-19. We helped VALIDATE Member Alfredo Torres promote his Lifestyle of Intracellular Pathogens online seminar and shared EdGene Biomed spread the word about their Online Vaccine Development Workshop. Ministers from the European Union and African Union research discussed the role of EDCTP will play in clinical trials capacity building in sub-Saharan Africa. ILRI shared a BBC article about the dangers of new disease outbreaks due to exploitation of wildlife. WHO reminded us where they can be followed on social media and NCRI were promoting a letter from 50 MPs to the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer encouraging him to fill the £310 Million funding gap in medical research. The American Society for Microbiology are currently holding their "Summer of Science" and The Secretariat of the Global TB Caucus met online to discuss their work keeping tuberculosis on the global agenda.


    Published: 22 July 2020