Weekly round-up #19

Weekly round-up #19

Welcome to another weekly update on the news and opinions across vaccine development for TB, leishmaniasis, melioidosis and leprosy. Last week was a spate of funding calls; this week lots of meeting dates have been released - and we're welcoming some new members! Here's the information you need to know:



Our external funding webpage lists lots of open calls that could be relevant to your research.


Training Opportunities:

Lots of other training ideas here.


External meetings:


Job Opportunities:


We've also spotted a few papers that might be of interest:


The last few weeks have seen us welcome some more new members to VALIDATE: 

Steve Cose (UVRI, Uganda/LSHTM, UK), Deborah Fraga (FIOCRUZ, Brazil), and Washington dos Santos (FIOCRUZ, Brazil) as Investigators.

Daniela Farias Larangeira (Federal University of Bahia, Brazil), Leopold Tientcheu (MRC The Gambia), Geraldo de Sa Oliveira (FIOCRUZ, Brazil), and Amanda Gibson (RVC, UK) as Associates.

And Francis Makoka (Mount Kenya University), Charlotte Kerley (PHE, UK), Amber Barton (University of Oxford, UK), Micheal Mugerwa (Aga Khan Health Services, Tanzania) and Enoka Corea (University of Colombo, Sri Lanka) as Affiliates.

Welcome everyone! You can see more information about our members and their research interests in our members directory.


This week on Twitter we've flagged articles on why the world ignores diseases of poverty, how satellites predicted a cholera outbreak, and how scientists can be kinder to each other; a news article that Irish badgers are being vaccinated against TB; the MRC's 12 top tips for writing a grant application; and our Director, Prof Helen McShane talking about VALIDATE at the Spring Acid Fast Club this week in London; as well as lots of retweets about relevant events and grant calls - we're @NetworkVALIDATE so do follow us if you are on Twitter.


Finally, don't forget about our open VALIDATE training grant call - Associate members can apply for up to £3,000 to attend a course/workshop, go on a lab exchange, or present a poster or talk at a conference. The call closes on 14 February, so get your applications in by then - further details, and how to apply, can be found here.


Published: 17 January 2018