Weekly round-up #194

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Final BCG Adventures Game Launched

Welcome to your Immune System: An addictive arcade-style game where you defend human cells from invading bacteria. Use all the weapons in your arsenal from macrophages, killer T cells, to cytokines and learn how these work in real life. This is the last game of the series and we hope that you share the word with the Promotion Pack.

ECR Career Development Network: Closing date 12 December 2021

We are delighted to announce an exciting new open call and are now welcoming applications to the VALIDATE ECR Career Development Network. VALIDATE recognises the challenges faced by post-doctoral and early PI researchers trying to progress their careers. As part of VALIDATE’s aim to encourage and support career progression amongst members, especially Early Career Researchers (ECRs), and to help address inequality in scientific career progression, we are creating a two-year-long ECR Career Development Network programme for female members. Find out further information about this Programme on our website.

VALIDATE Seminar Next Week, 30 November 2021: Vaccine Development and Sero-diagnosis of Leprosy

Dr Yumi Maeda, of the Leprosy Research Center National Tokyo Institute of Infectious Diseases, will discuss how her team has constructed a recombinant BCG that secretes Major Membrane Protein-II of M.leprae, and found that it was effective in inhibiting the growth of M.leprae in mice footpads.

Register online for Vaccine Development and Sero-diagnosis of Leprosy - 30 November 2021


  • Daphne Jackson Fellowships, 2021 - These fellowships are for those looking to return to a research career after a break of two or more years for family, health or caring reasons - deadline 14 December 2021
  • Researching zoonotic pathogen emergence, detection and protection - The ‘International Coordination of Research on Infectious Animal Diseases (ICRAD) ‘one health’ approach to zoonoses’ opportunity covers the major groups of infectious diseases of animals, caused by viral, bacterial, parasitic, prions and fungal pathogens - deadline 15 December 2021
  • One Health Approach to Zoonoses Research and Innovation - The overall goal of the ICRAD call is to support cross-cutting research and innovation to better understand zoonoses - deadline 15 December 2021

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    Highlights on Twitter this week:

    We launched Welcome to Your Immune System, the final BCG Adventures game and got some help spreading the word from science writer Alom Shaha, a Japanese gaming site, and member Thao-Thy Pham. We launched an open call for our ECR Career Development. Members Paul Kaye and Dr Vivak Parkash and were involved in a Human challenge study to lay the foundations for vaccine development for NTDs. The Pasteur Institute in Lille hosted a conference on BCG (with the help of VALIDATE). The British Society for Immunology shared a guide for attending their congress and had some tips for sharing science with journalists. The Stop TB Partnership promoted the Global Fund’s goal of raising $28.5 billion to fight TB and a call for action to fight childhood TB in Africa. The European Animal Research Association had an article about clearing away tuberculosis bacteria in zebrafish. Stay up to date with all the relevant news and opportunities by following @NetworkVALIDATE on Twitter.


    Published: 24 November 2021