Weekly round-up #268



Welcoming New Members

We are very happy to welcome 10 new members to the VALIDATE community. Check out their profile below, get in touch and perhaps form your next research collaboration.


  • Dr Aishwarya Venkataraman Investigator, Indian Council of Medical Research – National Institute for Research in TB , India



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Highlights on Twitter this week:

Yahoo News shared fast facts about Tuberculosis (TB), providing a brief overview of this infectious disease that primarily affected the lungs, we highlighted a partnership between Biofabri and IAVI for the development of MTBVAC, a live, attenuated tuberculosis vaccine, and UNICEF's vaccinated 30 million Nigerian children in five years. WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke about the #EndTB campaign. University World News shared a list of articles about the implication of AI for research and ISNTD shared a video discussing novel approaches to TB. Nature Careers featured an article by Kelly Korreck, who shared her experience of intense burnout and how she managed it by taking a step back from work, reported on concerns raised by scientists regarding proposed EU data laws, and announced that China had surpassed the United States in overall research contribution, based on the latest data from the Nature Index. Keep up to date with all the relevant news and opportunities by following @NetworkVALIDATE on Twitter..

Published: 31 May 2023