Weekly round-up #48

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Weekly round-up #48


It has been a busy week at VALIDATE as we get closer to our 2nd Annual Meeting in November - registration closes tomorrow, so don't forget to sign up! The Annual Meeting will be an exciting opportunity to meet fellow VALIDATE members, hear about their research, and build new collaborations. We will have updates from the projects that we have funded so far, and a facilitated 'ideas laboratory' to help you come up with groundbreaking proposals for our next grant call, which will open in November. We are also hosting an Early Career Workshop specifically for our post-doctoral and postgraduate members to help them accelerate their careers. Visit the Annual Meeting page to find out more and register now! 




The call for VALIDATE Training Grants is closing soon on 29 October. They offer up to £3,000 to help VALIDATE Associates take advantage of training opportunities that will contribute to their professional development (such as attendance at courses or workshops, laboratory exchanges, work shadowing, or attendance at a conference to present a talk). Don't miss out on a vital step in your career due to a lack of funding - find out more and apply here

All relevant external funding opportunities we spot are listed on our website


Training Opportunities:

Check out our training opportunities page for more training ideas.




Last chance to register for our 2nd Annual Meeting - take a look at the programme:


Job Opportunities

Immunity to Global Infectious Diseases: Fundamental and Translational Research Faculty Positions, UCSF - to be filled by Dec 2019



Special Issue: Global Burden and Challenges of Melioidosis - 2018 Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease. Including 22 Published Papers on Melioidosis

Glibenclamide Reduces Primary Human Monocyte Functions Against Tuberculosis Infection by Enhancing M2 Polarization. By VALIDATE members Gregory J. Bancroft, Helen A. FletcherGanjana Lertmemongkolchai and collaborators in Frontiers in Immunology


Let us know if you have a paper published so that we can tell all our members about it.


On twitter this week: read advice on how best to forge new partnerships on Research Professional; Prof Charlotte Watts discusses her career, inspirations, the WLGH conference and career advice for those starting out; read a story by Demi Mason about her experience with TB; check out the latest research article from LSTM Capacity Research "Establishing an international laboratory network for neglected tropical diseases: Understanding existing capacity in five WHO regions"; registration for the official launch of the Imperial Network for Vaccine Research is now open; take a look at the evolution of the numbers of visceral lesihmaniasis cases notified to the WHO between 1996 and 2016 by region; and read a review of literature on leprosy in children aged under 15 in Brazil.

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Published: 10 October 2018