Weekly round-up #88

Career Progress

Weekly round-up #88


Registration for our 2019 events - our 2nd ECR workshop, 3rd Annual Meeting, and VALIDATE-BSI conference - closed on Friday. We're excited to be welcoming just under 100 delegates to London for what promise to be three interesting and highly relevant events plus, of course, the opportunity to meet with other VALIDATE members from around the world. Who knows, this could result in a new collaboration or a laboratory exchange for you! We look forward to seeing many of you at these events in October.



Find more funding opportunities on our website.


Training Opportunities:

Nothing new this week, so take a look at our training opportunities page for ideas.



Nothing new this week; all previous external events that we have spotted are listed on our website.


Job Opportunities

Find more jobs on our Jobs webpage.


All relevant publications by our members and others are listed on our publications page. Let us know when you publish a paper and we will share it with the network.


On Twitter this week: an informative article on Tuberculosis by TB Alliance; Melvin Sanicas discusses what makes TB the world's most infectious killer; the new UK immunological Toolbox website is live; Jeremy Farrar at Wellcome discusses reimagining how we do research; Peter Hotez highlights an anti-vaxxer who regrets not vaccinating their child after he nearly dies of measles; and an ERC 2020 webinar that tells you all about these funding opportunities. All this and more @NetworkVALIDATE. Do follow us if you're on Twitter!


Published: 11 Sep 2019