VALIDATE Collaboration Workshop - Online

VALIDATE Collaboration Workshop

Collaboration Puzzle

Date: 13 October 2020

Time: 14:00 to 16:00 BST

Venue: Online Via Microsoft Teams

About: In this two-hour workshop, VALIDATE hopes to give members the chance to think about forming partnerships across institutions, continents and research focus.

Talk: Prof Susanna Dunachie from the University of Oxford will be talking about her extensive experience in building research collaborations.

Prof Dunachie's talk will be followed by a short Q&A.

Breakout Discussions: After the talk, we will divide members in to virtual breakout rooms. Each room will contain a mix researchers at different career levels, from different institutions and research focus. You and your fellow room members will then be encouraged to brainstorm ideas on how you might be able to work together in new research partnerships. You will then report back to the Workshop. Our hope is that attendees will begin to think outside of the box when they think about research collaboration.