Other Networks

Our sister GCRF Vaccinology Networks are:

BactiVac - a global bacterial vaccinology network bringing together members based in academic, industry and policy sectors to accelerate the development of vaccines against bacterial infections relevant to LMICs

HIC VAC - an international network of researchers who are developing human infection challenge (HIC) studies to accelerate the development of vaccines against pathogens of high global impact

IMmunising Pregnant Women and Infants Network (IMPRINT) - a network focusing on maternal and neonatal immunisation

International Veterinary Vaccinology Network (IVVN) -  a network to facilitate the formation of collaborations to improve vaccine design and development for major livestock and zoonotic diseases in LMICs


Other networks that may be of interest:

Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx) - a cross-university platform for academic and research collaborations between the University of Oxford and African researchers and institutions

African Science Initiative (ASI) - an African-led project seeking to facilitate and promote networking between young African scientists from all around the world. Features an online networking platform that enourages direct interaction between scientists

British Society for Immunology (BSI) - mission is to promote excellence in immunological research, scholarship and clinical practice in order to improve human and animal health

Operational Excellence Working Group for Leprosy - the objective of this working group is to foster the development, use, scale-up, monitoring, and evaluation of best practices and promising innovations in national leprosy control programmes