2nd round of pump-priming funding awarded

2nd round of pump-priming funding awarded

The second round of VALIDATE pump-priming funding has been awarded, and we're delighted to annouce the projects funded are:


1. Identification of Leishmania donovani and Mycobacterium tuberculosis- derived proteins on the surface of infected macrophages that are associated with ADCC induction 

Led by Dr Mohamed Osman (University of York), with Prof Paul Kaye (University of York), Dr John Pearl (University of Leicester) and Prof Andrea Cooper (University of Leicester)


2. In vivo protection studies of chimeric Burkholderia pseudomallei antigens presenting multiple epitopes on protein scaffolds and outer membrane vesicles 

Led by Prof Gregory Bancroft (LSHTM), with Assistant Prof Louise Gourlay (University of Milan), Prof Martino Bolognesi (University of Milan), Prof Giorgio Colombo (University of Pavia), and Assistant Prof Ganjana Lertmemongkolchai (Khon Kaen University)


3. Vaccines to target people with diabetes: characterising the pathways of immune response to M. tuberculosis and B. pseudomallei in people with diabetes compared to non-diabetics 

Led by Associate Prof Susanna Dunachie (University of Oxford), with Assistant Prof Jacqueline Cliff (LSHTM), and Prof Gregory Bancroft (LSHTM)



We look forward to seeing what results these projects bring - and congratulations to the awardees!


You can read more about the projects, and other VALIDATE funded work here.


Published: 31 July 2018 

2nd VALIDATE Pump-priming Grant Round Awarded