Weekly round-up #102

Scientist holding vaccine vial

Weekly round-up #102


You now have under 2 weeks left to apply for the VALIDATE Mentoring Scheme, so get your application submitted soon! Each call, we aim to place around 10 up-and-coming post-docs/early PIs with Senior Scientist mentors from the Network, to give you guidance, support and providing an independent perspective on your career, goals and more. To find out more about how a mentor can benefit your career, and to apply, visit our mentoring webpage.


We'd like to extend a warm welcome to Prof Jean van den Elsen (University of Bath, UK) who joined VALIDATE this week as our newest Investigator member, and to congratulate Prof Benny Chain (UCL, UK), who has upgraded from Affiliate to Investigator membership.


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Training Opportunities:

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Job Opportunities

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Highlights on Twitter this week: Pip Stewart's TEDx talk about her story of becoming infected with leishmaniasis; India is on the path to closing the gap between the number of tuberculosis cases estimated and those detected; Infolep have a monthly update of new publications on leprosy; World TB Day is approaching on March 24th; and an article highlighting where you can find good quality images relating to medical research and healthcare. All this and more @NetworkVALIDATE where you can easily keep up to date on news and opinions in our field.


Published: 15 January 2020