Weekly round-up #128

burtnick seminar zoom

VALIDATE Members taking part in Melioidosis and Glanders

Weekly Round-up #128

Another week and another VALIDATE Weekly Round-up. We have two summer seminars recorded and ready for you to watch and the usual updates of job, training and funding opportunities.

VALIDATE Summer Seminars

Nonspecific factors in the immunopathogenesis of leishmaniasis


Nonspecific factors in the immunopathogenesis of leishmaniasis

Professor Hiro Goto and Dr Eduardo Milton Ramos Sanchez from the Universidade de Sao Paulo will be online via MS Teams to answer questions about their talks on Leishmaniasis.

You should watch the talks first by logging on to WebLearn and watching the seminar on Panopto. We can also send you a link to the video if you register for the Q&A.

You can register for the live Q&A which will take place this afternoon at 14:30 BST.

If you are having trouble with Panopto or wish to submit a question before the seminar, email validate@ndm.ox.ac.uk


Last Thursday 23 July - Melioidosis and Glanders

On Thursday, VALIDATE Members gathered once again on Zoom for the second VALIDATE Summer Seminars to hear Associate Professor Mary Burtnick talk about Melioidosis and Glanders. Members can watch the talk and the fascinating Q&A by first logging on to WebLearn and then opening the Panopto folder.

Future Seminars

If you would like to hold your own Online VALIDATE Seminar, get in touch and pitch an idea-  validate@ndm.ox.ac.uk.


Not much in the way of funding this week but there are some imminent deadlines approaching. Keep up-to-date on our funding page.

Training Opportunities and Events:

Our Training Opportunities and Events pages are updated regularly.

Job Opportunities:

  • Various Roles (including MSc, PhD and Postdocs), University of Geneva, no stated deadline

Our jobs page is updated regularly.

    Published recently? Let us know and we will add it to our Publications Page. Email validate@ndm.ox.ac.uk 

    Highlights on Twitter this week

    TB News daily tweeted a study that showed Vitamin D supplementation may not lower the risk of TB infection and BactiVac tweeted a study about the delivery costs of immunization. Our friends at the Vaccine Confidence Project were promoting the book "Stuck: How Vaccine Rumors Start — and Why They Don’t Go Away" by VALIDATE Network Investigator Heidi Larson. The Union announced its 51st World Conference on Lung Health will be free for people who have survived lung diseases. Lepra encouraged members to take part in the Virtual Ride London in support of their important work and the Fogarty International Centre announce $58M for new Harnessing Data Science for Health Discovery & Innovation in Africa. We celebrated the birthday of Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen, the Norwegian who first identified Mycobacterium leprae and helped promote the  National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme's TB talk show.


    Published: 29 July 2020