Weekly round-up #99

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Weekly round-up #99

Our 8th newsletter is out! It's a short and informative read, highlighting the news and events from VALIDATE that you need to know about, including:

  • Our most recent pump-priming funded projects and training grant recipients
  • Reports and videos from our 2019 events
  • Our current open mentoring call
  • Plus publications, job vacancies, how to find collaborators via VALIDATE… and much, much more!

So take a quick look and read through what's been happening - and, of course, we welcome any feedback you may have.


Find all other funding opportunities on our external funding page.


Training Opportunities:

  • PEER Women in Science Mentoring Programme - Tuberculosis focus call - To support networks of female scientists conducting research of the development of effective tools for the prevention, detection and treatment of tuberculosis - deadline 10 Jan 2020
  • Soapbox Science - A public outreach platform for promoting women scientists and the science they do, with events throughout 2020 all over the world - application deadline 2 Mar 2020

Take a look at our training opportunities page for ideas for your career development.


Visit our events page for all the other upcoming events in our field.


Job Opportunities

You can view all the vacancies in our field visit our job webpage.





Take a look at our publications page for papers of interest by our members and in the fields of our focus pathogens.


Highlights on Twitter this week: Private labs in India join together to fight the battle against TB; Rashidi Gora is finding missing TB cases in Tanzania using his motorcycle; the Stop TB Partnership launch their 'Global Plan to End TB 2018-2022'; LSE Impact outlines key policy issues around PhD education; a TAG report shows that TB research and development funding is still falling short; a vaccine which could 'revolutionise' tuberculosis treatment has been unveiled by researchers; and Tulane University has been awarded $1.5 million for tuberculosis vaccine research. All this and more @NetworkVALIDATE where you can easily keep up to date on news and opinions in our field.


Published: 11 December 2019