ECR Summer Showcase

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One of the core aims of VALIDATE is to support its members in career progression.  To this end, VALIDATE hosted the ECR Summer Showcase series of seminars in June and July 2022.

In each session, VALIDATE Associates gave a 15-minute presentation about their research followed by a Q&A. This provided an excellent opportunity for the presenters to showcase their science to their fellow members worldwide.

Showcase your own work?

Do you have some exciting research you want to share with fellow VALIDATE members? Have taken part in or led a fascinating project? Why not get in touch with VALIDATE and organise your own showcase -

The Seminars

Session 1: 10:00am BST - 22 June 2022

Chair: Dr Naomi Daniels

Naomi Daniels






Speakers and Topics​​

Epidemiological characteristics of melioidosis in Southern Vietnam via the number of culture-confirmed cases at the largest referral general hospital

Dr Nguyen Ho Lam
University of Medicine & Pharmacy, Vietnam

Adjuvants for vaccine: receptor ligand-based molecular interaction to ​​​​​​discover adjuvants ​​​​​for human toll-like receptors

Dr Nidhi Gupta
Central University of Rajasthan, India

Development and application of the mycobacterial growth inhibition assay (MGIA)

Dr Rachel Tanner
University of Oxford, United Kingdom




Session 2: 13 July 2022 - 16:00 BST

Chair: Cristian Segura-Cerda

Cristian Segura-Cerda




Speakers and Topics

The underappreciated role of neonatal BCG vaccination in educating gut microbiota

Assistant Professor Nargis Khan
Department of Microbiology, University of Calgary, Canada                                                                                                                               

Using non-human primates for TB Vaccine evaluation

Dr Laura Sibley​​​
UK Health Security Agency, United Kingdom

Generating vaccines against tuberculosis based on our knowledge of mycobacterium biofilms

Dr Cristian Segura-Cerda
CIATEJ, Mexico