Weekly round-up #31

Weekly round-up #31

Exciting news this week: we have published an F1000 article on VALIDATE as part of their World TB Day collection! Entitled "VALIDATE: Exploiting the synergy between complex intracellular pathogens to expedite vaccine research and development for tuberculosis, leishmaniasis, melioidosis and leprosy", and written by our Network Management Board, it's well worth a read!


It's World Immunization Week from 24-30 April, so do let us know about any publicity or outreach you run, so that we can publicise it - tweet, write or blog about your research and don't forget to hashtag #WorldImmunizationWeek or #WIW2018 for maximum coverage.


We have two new Affiliate members this week; welcome to VALIDATE to Farah Isse Mumin (Red Sea University, Somalia) and  Viram Kumar (Sindh Agriculture University, Pakistan). We hope you find VALIDATE membership useful.


We've had a couple of shout outs for collaborations:

  • Prof Mark Chambers at APHA/University of Surrey: "anyone interested in BBB models to look at TB meningitis? If so would be pleased to hear from you"
  • Prof Alfredo Torres at University of Texas Medical Branch has said that he would be very happy to host collaborator or training visits if anyone's research aligns - get in touch with Alfredo if you'd be interested

Do message us if you've got a specific collaborator shout out, and we'll let everyone know.


News this week:


  • MRC Partnership Grants - core funds to support partnerships between diverse groupings of researchers for 1-5 years (perfect for new VALIDATE collaborations!) - 16 May 2018, 19 Sep 2018, 9 Jan 2019, 16 May 2019
  • MRC Programme Grants - UK-based researchers' programmes for infecious human disease and disorders of the human immune system - 16 May 2018, 19 Sep 2018, 9 Jan 2019, 16 May 2019
  • MRC Research Grants - UK-based research into infectious human disease and disorders of the human immune system - 16 May 2018, 19 Sep 2018, 9 Jan 2019, 16 May 2019
  • Letten Prize - awarded to one early-career researcher who conducts research aimed at solving global challenges within fields including health - 31 May 2018
  • Crick Institute: African Career Accelerator Awards - fellowships for post-doctoral African researchers to transition to independence - 1 July 2018
  • MRC Senior Non-Clinical Fellowship - up to 5 years' support for PIs - 20 Sep 2018, 25 Apr 2019


Let us know if you apply to any grant call you spot through VALIDATE - and we'll keep our fingers crossed for you for success!



  • MedTrop2018 - the 54th Congress of the Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical - Brazil, 2-5 Sep 2018


Job opportunities:


Papers of interest:


On Twitter we've reached 200 followers! There's been a whole host of interesting posts: new AASO Open Research guidelines; the launch of VoICE 2.0, The Value of Immunization Compendium of Evidence database that compiles evidence of the broader value of vaccines; a new microscope that captures 3D movies of cells inside living organisms in unprecedented detail; a call by UK Peers and MPs for urgent action to tackle TB and the presence of Theresa May at September's High Level UNGA meeting; and a number of great infographics and tweets about World Immunization Week. Check out @NetworkVALIDATE to follow all the news.


Don't forget our Fellowship grant call closes on Monday 30th April, so make sure you get your application in by 4pm on the 30th.


Published: 25 April 2018 

World Immunization Day 2018