Weekly round-up #126

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Weekly Round-up #126

In this week's round-up we welcome a new VALIDATE Investigator and you will find the usual mix of news and career opportunities.

sheila nathan

Welcome Prof Sheila Nathan

Prof Nathan, VALIDATE's latest Investigator, is based at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, making Malaysia the 53rd VALIDATE country! Prof Nathan's research focusses primarily on the gram-negative tropical pathogens including Burkholderia pseudomallei, it's mechanism of pathogenesis and how it interacts within the infected host.

You can find out more on Prof Nathan's VALIDATE Profile Page.

If you think any of your colleagues or collaborators would be a great addition to VALIDATE, let them know about the benefits of VALIDATE membership and encourage them to join.

Summer Seminars

Apologies that we had some technical issues with the VALIDATE Summer Seminars registration forms. These are now all resolved and you still have time to register for our upcoming talks:

Sign up for both via our seminars page.

WHO Public Call - Diagnostic accuracy on nucleic acid amplification tests to detect TB and resistance to selected anti-TB agents

Nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT) are promising technologies for the rapid and accurate detection of TB and resistance to selected anti-TB agents. In December 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) will convene a Guidelines Development Group (GDG) meeting to update its diagnostic guidelines on the use of NAATs to detect TB and resistance to selected anti-TB agents. Ahead of this meeting, WHO will commission reviews of relevant evidence on diagnostic accuracy for several NAAT assays. Relevant data can be sent to ldr.policies@who.int by 1st August 2020 and find out more on the WHO Website.




Funding is still negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but we are expecting more opportunities as the lock-down is lifted and we will keep you up-to-date on our funding page.

Training Opportunities and Events:

Not much in way of events to week but be sure to keep up to date via our Training Opportunities and Events pages.

Job Opportunities:

Our jobs page is updated regularly.

    Our Publications Page has an up to date list of VALIDATE members' publications. Email validate@ndm.ox.ac.uk if you have recently published a paper so that we can include it.

    Highlights on Twitter this week

    A tweet from one of our newest members, Shilpa Sengupta, saying 'Feeling great to be part of VALIDATE', made us all smile; it's always a boost for our Management Team seeing the high levels of excitement and engagement amongst our members. On Tuesday BactiVac were looking forward to a meeting about The Global AMR Innovation Fund, we helped EDCTP promote their Career Development Fellowships, and TB News Daily shared an article on how TB helped fuel the 1918 flu pandemic. IVVN shared a new resource that summarises research gaps in 53 animal diseases, Lepra UK published an FAQ on Leprosy and WriteThatPhD published a guide on improving your chances of being published. Nature Careers are asking for input from researchers on their 2021 training programme and the BSI launched their Teaching Excellence Award. We also shared some exciting news about Leishmaniasis vaccine development and also promoted an interesting opinion piece by Jimmy Smith, from the International Livestock Research Institute, discussing how 'a one health approach is needed to protect both people and the planet'. 


    Published: 15 July 2020