Weekly round-up #129

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Weekly Round-up #129

Welcome to VALIDATE's Weekly Round-up #129, as usual packed full of useful and interesting information in our field including new grant calls, job opportunities and upcoming events.


VALIDATE Summer Seminars

VALIDATE members joined Professor Hiro Goto and Dr Eduardo Milton Ramos Sanchez from the Universidade de Sao Paulo in an online Q&A about their leishmaniasis research. VALIDATE members can watch all our past seminars, by logging on to WebLearn and following the links to the recording on Panopto

Our next online seminar will take place on 1st September, with Prof Bernardo Villarreal-Ramos and Dr Amanda Gibson from Aberystwyth University discussing their research efforts to understand the immunology of bovine TB - registration for this event will open soon so watch this space.

We are also planning a new series of Seminars for the autumn, so if you have some interesting research you'd like to present do get in touch - validate@ndm.ox.ac.uk.


Vaccine Confidence in the Time of COVID-19 Webinar

VALIDATE was delighted to promote a free webinar linked to our funded Vaccine Hesitancy project, led by Prof Heidi Larson at LSHTM, which took place on 30 July with over 400 delegates joining. Discussing how to monitor and track vaccine hesitancy, and with insights, challenges and solutions from the field, 'Vaccine Confidence in the Time of COVID-19' is available for viewing here for those of you who missed it.



  • HIC-VAC Public Engagement Awards - to fund innovative and creative projects that improve the public’s awareness and understanding of controlled human infection studies, build trust in them, and probe risk perception - deadline 21 August 2020
  • MRC Experimental Medicine Funding call -  addressing gaps in our understanding of the causes, progression and treatment of human disease through experimental intervention, or challenge, in humans - deadline 16 September 2020

Keep up-to-date on all funding opportunities on our funding page.

Training Opportunities and Events:

Our Training Opportunities and Events pages contain other opportunities of interest.


Job Opportunities:

Take a look at our jobs page for all the latest vacancies.


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    Highlights on Twitter this week

    Rafiou Agoro discussed the African Diaspora Scientists Federation (ADSF) and how African scientists can give back to their home continent, and Dr Fernardo Maestre discussed his six point plan to tackle COVID-19 anxiety and overload, both in Nature. BSI highlighted an app developed by the Crick Institute where you can look up gene activity in the lungs and blood of mice infected with a range of pathogens, while the LSE Impact blog discussed designing an award-winning conference poster, and IAVI flagged GAVI's latest post that new evidence shows investments in vaccination produce even greater returns than previously thought. The NYTimes wrote 'The biggest monster is spreading and it's not the Coronavirus' about the impact of COVID-19 on TB, malaria, HIV and other neglected disease, and the British Veterinary Association released a new policy report on the control and eradication of bovine TB in the UK. Nature's podcast discussed how to set up public engagement programmes, EDCTP discussed the New Artificial Intelligence Resource Center for TB Diagnosis, IVVN 's July newsletter went live, and LEPRA have teamed up with Water Aid Africa. EDCTP flagged that National Regulatory Authorities, Ethics Committees members and researchers from more than six Central African countries will be meeting to discuss improving regulatory frameworks, and TB News Daily shared a story about open air schools during a TB outbreak. All this and much more @NetworkVALIDATE.


    Published: 5 August 2020