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Travel back to 1917, explore a war-torn city, and help invent a life-saving vaccine

Avoid killer traffic, deadly rivers, and dangerous dogs to deliver vaccines to the communities that need them

Enter a microscopic world to defend the human body against invading bacteria.

BCG Adventures is a series of free educational video games designed to teach young people all about vaccines. They have been created with expert advice from world-leading vaccine researchers who are members of the VALIDATE Network. The games are entirely free and can be played in a browser or by downloading them.

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In Albert and Camille’s Little Lille Adventureyou explore the war-torn city of Little Lille in 1917. Take the part of both Albert Calmette and Camille Guérin and interact with the city's citizens to obtain the necessary supplies they need for their important vaccine research. As you collect each item, you will learn about vaccines the methods used to create BCG, the first vaccine against tuberculosis.

Don't get caught by the soldiers!

Vaccine Delivery Adventure is a classic side-scrolling action game where you play as a healthcare worker trying to overcome the challenges of delivering the BCG vaccine to communities that need it.

As you deliver the vaccine in different locations you learn more and more about the BCG vaccine and the challenges of protecting communities against tuberculosis.

Avoid dangerous dogs, impassable rivers and fast-moving traffic!

Welcome to Your Immune System is a fun and addictive arcade-style game in which you defend the human body against an attack from bacteria! Use Macropgages and Killer T Cells to fight against Mycobacteria tuberculosis (and learn what these actually are).

Can you hold out before all of your cells are infected???


Who are the games for?

The games are 100% free and available online to anyone who wishes to play them. They will be fun and informative for people of all ages, but are specifically aimed at students aged 11-14. The games provide teachers with a fun and engaging tool to help communicate concepts of vaccinology and as a useful tool for researchers who take part in science engagement, especially at festivals and career fairs.


Help spread the word - Promotion Pack

We have created a number of promotional resources, including trailrs, gifs, posters and screenshots for social media that will make it very easy for you to get the word out about this exciting project.

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This project is supported by the University of Oxford Enriching Engagement scheme, funded by the Wellcome Trust.