Weekly round-up #91

Scientist holding a vaccine vial

Weekly round-up #91


After a break from the news round-up last week due to our being at the VALIDATE 3rd Annual Meeting, there's plenty to catch up on.


A huge thank you to everyone who attended our 2019 ECR Workshop, Annual Meeting and VALIDATE-BSI Conference last week. It was an amazing week full of fascinating talks and posters, and great updates from our funded projects and Fellows, and it was fantastic to see our members so engaged - and networking and building future collaborations! We hope that all our delegates found the events useful and interesting, that you made some great new connections and, of course, that you enjoyed yourselves! We will start the planning for our 4th Annual Meeting shortly, and look forward to seeing you all there next year.


We've had a number of new members applications this fortnight, so a warm welcome to:

  • Investigators: Matthew Rogers (LSHTM, UK), Neil Hall (Earlham Institute, UK), Robin Warren (Stellenbosch University, South Africa), January Weiner (Berlin Institute of Health, Germany), Jon Friedland (SGUL, UK), Suraj Parihar (University of Cape Town, UK).
  • Associates: Victoria Humbert (University of Southampton, UK), Nabila Ismail (Stellenbosch University, South Africa), Deepa Paliwal (University of Reading, UK), Suzie Madaki (Beyero University, Nigeria).
  • Affiliates: Senait Ashenafi Betemariam (Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia), Carolin Turner (UCL, UK), Ravi Kant (University of Delhi, India), Egle Butkeviciute (LSHTM, UK).


Finally, a reminder that there are now less than 2 weeks to apply for our pump-priming grants and training grants. To find out more about these calls, or to apply, please visit the relevant webpages.


Find all other funding opportunities on our external funding page.


Training Opportunities:

Take a look at our training opportunities page for further ideas for your career development.



Visit our events page for all the other upcoming events in our field.


Job Opportunities

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Take a look at our publications page for papers of interest by our members and in the fields of our focus pathogens.


Highlights on Twitter this fortnight: IVVN discuss the UK Vaccine Networks Veterinary Vaccine Development Process Map in their latest blog post; big congratulations to VALIDATE members Rhea Coler and Helen McShane who are part of one of the newly awarded NIH IMPAC-TB teams, aiming to advance TB immunology research; an article by David Mabey on what does the next 25 years hold for global health?three lessons from industry that Yumeng Mao is taking back to academia in Science; Peter Imbong takes a look at the Philippines and what happens when vaccine scepticism takes over?; advice for those writing a PhD in their second language; The Metro interview Pip Stewart, who caught leishmaniasis whilst kayaking down the Amazonian river; a guide on how to avoid predatory (fraudulent) conferences; the Wellcome Trust is welcoming input on how research culture can be improved; the UK Immunological Toolbox is now live and can help you with your veterinary vaccine development and vaccinology research; advice on how to write a great research proposal or grant application; great news as Denmark increases their pledge to The Global Fund by 16.6%; a short video on innovation impact by The Global Fund and Unitaid; and Lucy Furfaro and the Infectious Disease Hub gives conferencing with confidence tips. All this and more @NetworkVALIDATE where you can easily keep up to date on news and opinions in our field.


Published: 9 October 2019